Stainless Steel Modified Asphalt Bitumen Emulsion Pump

Stainless Steel Modified Asphalt Bitumen Emulsion Pump

stainless metal modified asphalt&solbiHangZhou emulsion pump


Product Identify Inline mixer&solemulsion pump&sol high shear pump
Description Designed according to 3A CZPT&comma extensively used for transfer viscous media in the foodstuff-processing&commabeverage&comma cosemtics&commachemical and pharmaceutical industries
CZPT Pump head&commapump chamber&comma stators&rotors&comma coupling&commamotor&comma seat&comma trolley&commaVFD and so on&time period         Continuous running-pipeline set up&commacirculation with vessel&time period
Material SS304&solSS316L&sol1&period4301&sol1&period4404
Seal Ring Fluorine CZPT&commaEPDM&commaPTFE&commaSilicone&lparStandard&comma Fda approval&rpar
Mechnical Seal SIC&commaHard alloy&commagraphite
Max&period Circulation one hundred ten m3&solh &sol450 GPM
Force &period2Mpa&sol2bar&commarelated to viscosity
Operating temperature a hundred and eighty C &sol 356 F
Process viscosity 30000CPS&commaliquid&powder
Speed Constand speed and variable velocity&semi Variety&colon -4000rpm
Rotor variety Enamel&solImpeller&commaapply to different doing work issue
Rotor&Stator Variety of rotor&stator&colon1-four teams&semi                                                                    
Gap amongst stator and rotor &period25-&period5mm&commawidth of enamel 1-8mm&time period
Motor electricity one&period5kw-110 kw
Voltage 110v&sol220v&sol240v&sol380v&sol415v&sol460v  &lpar50&sol60hz&rpar
Motor SIEMENS&commaABB&commaDomestic
Area treatment method Polished
Availably link Clamp&comma Thread&comma Butt weld&comma Flange
Availably CZPT DIN&comma SMS&comma 3A&comma RJT&comma ISO&solIDF
Software scope Dairy&comma meals&comma beverage&comma pharmacy&comma cosmetic&comma and so on
CZPT Particulars Plywood case or customerized&interval Or as per the request of buyers

CZPT Datas

Design Power&lparKW&rpar Speed&lparRMP&rpar Stream&lparm3&solh&rpar
BRL3-60 four 2800 -four
BRL3-a hundred seven&period5 2800 -eight
BRL3-120 11 2800 -12
BRL30140 15 2800 -18
BRL3-a hundred sixty five 22 2800 -22
BRL3-200 37 2800 -thirty
BRL3-220 55 2800 -forty
BRL3-240 75 2800 -55
BRL3-260 ninety 1480 -sixty five
BRL3-three hundred a hundred and ten 1480 -80
BRL3-360 132 1480 -one hundred
BRL3-380 a hundred and sixty 1480 -one hundred twenty
BRL3-four hundred 185 1480 -140

Firm details
CZPT Mixing tank&commaReactor tank&commafermentation tank&commaInline homogenizer&commaHigh shear emulsifier mixer&commaColloid mill&commaJacket cooking kettle&commaRotor pump&commascrew pump&commaemulsion pump&commatransfer pump and so on&period of time
Broadly used in many fields&comma this sort of as dairy&comma beer&comma foodstuff&comma pharmacy&comma beverage&comma beauty and so on&period of time&commaexported to CZPTica&comma CZPTe&comma the Center CZPT&time period

Stainless Steel Modified Asphalt Bitumen Emulsion Pump