Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2000PA Strong Suction, Cleans Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2000PA Strong Suction, Cleans Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

Highlights 1: 350ML CZPTtrically Controlled H2o Tank Big Region H2o Locking
And Wiping ClothWith Germany’s most recent electronic management program, the micro-
Personal computer controls the h2o tank air pump to spray h2o evenly, cease functioning
With out leaking water, charging without having leaking h2o.

350 ml large h2o tank is
Added water once and wet towed 120 ft. It can fulfill the needs of all-round soaked
Towing, with no including h2o in the middle of the way, successfully boost the
Function development, and the wet towing impact is greater.

Big Spot wipe fabric is
Somewhat greater than the Fuselage, decontamination and washability, and the spot
Of one traction reaches 36 CM. Compared with little wipe fabric, it can help save
1 3rd of the time, and include a broader region of cleaning, with larger cleansing
Effectiveness. The use of inverted hook strong dust, remove water stains and other
Stains. Cotton absorbent Content can lock Water tightly to avert overwetting
Of the floor. Removal of floor stains has a more robust result.

Highlights 2:
Gyroscope CZPTgation and positioning, Real-time map constructing, smart zoning
PlHangZhou, clever technique to get rid of troubles

Making use of German CZPTtronic
Hawk navigation technologies, through twin detection mixture and self-constructed
Map positioning program of German six-axis,BOSCH gyroscope, the house atmosphere
Is determined and memory navigation is carried out. Map plHangZhou route is
Established in true time throughout cleaning, so that robotic vacuum cleaner can sort
A “bow” shape normal path cleansing, steering clear of the legacy in the cleansing
Procedure. Leak

District plHangZhou, refuse “irregular, random managing”. CZPT
CZPTgation with out blind region, adaptive blind area detection technological innovation,
CZPT crossing, decrease leakage, contact identification curtains, beds and
Other “comfortable obstacles”, simple to cross the blind location, efficiently improve the
Clear protection. Tens of hundreds of smart extrication approaches do not
Want to worry about equipment trapped in diverse environments. Large protection
Without missing sweep, “bow” formed path.

Spotlight three: CZPT voice prompt,
Talking robot, smart voice prompt operate, real-time report for you,
Handy and more fret-totally free!

Highlights four: Electronic frequency conversion
Brushless motor, 2000PA suction, fearless hair dust, productive dust collection,
Two-phase suction adjustment with high suction and precision HEPA, can deeply
Seize invisible dust garbage (dust, dander, mites)Prolonged bilateral brush. Edge brush lengthens by 20%, intercepting dust in a wider selection, two-way edge
Sticking, reducing leakage sweeping, corner sweeping is not a problem. Two-way
Extension improve gap protection. The still left and right sides are outfitted with
Exact sensors, double-sided transaction style, near-sided clearance of wall
Corner crevice dust, genuinely obtain no blind area!


Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2000PA Strong Suction, Cleans Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets