EPSL Series EPSL -252 Scroll Type Dry Vacuum Pump


This vacuum pump draws a vacuum by the eccentric motion of the spiral wall (moving scroll) facing the fixed spiral wall (fixed scroll).


  • Double scroll pump consisting of 1 orbiting scroll and two fixed scrolls.
  • It can operate at atmospheric pressure.
  • High extreme pressure levels can be reached.
  • Low vibration and noise.
  • The maintenance cycle can be controlled by a timer.


Item Unit 50Hz 60Hz
Actual Pumping Speed L/min 200 240
Ultimate Pressure Pa 1.6
Motor Output W 400
Weight kg 25
Inlet, Outlet port diameter mm KF-25/KF-16
Ambient temperature 5~40
Overall dimensions mm 264(W) × 397(L) × 338(H)

The above qualities are single-phase specifications. The three-phase version weighs 23.0 kg.
The maximum dimensions above are for single-phase sizes. The maximum size of the three-phase specification is 264(W)×367(L)×338(H).