Lab Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Lyophilizer

Lab Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Lyophilizer

Higher CZPT CZPT Vacuum Small Bench Top CZPT Dryer

Vacuum freezing dryer is extensively employed in the medical, pharmaceutical, organic, chemical and foods and other fields, FD series is suited for laboratory use or minimal-quantity generation to meet up with the demands of most laboratories traditional lyophilization.

CZPT information:

10N collection Normal Prime-Push Common Multi-Manifolds Prime-Press Multi-Manifolds
No-load Temperature <-56ºC <-56ºC <-56ºC <-56ºC
CZPT Region .12 m2 .08 m2 .12 mtwo .08 m2
Plate Load Potential 1.5 L 1 L 1.5 L 1 L
Capability to Seize Water 3Kg 3 Kg 3 Kg three Kg
Vacuum Diploma <10Pa <10Pa <10Pa <10Pa
CZPT Dimension(mm) W450×D580×H(380+450) W450×D580×H(380+450) W450×D580×H(380+450) W450×D580×H(380+450)
Sample Tray Size 4×Φ200mm Ø 3×180 mm 4×Φ200mm Ø 3×180 mm
Electricity 950W 950W 950W 950W
Electrical power CZPT 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Inter layer spacing 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Cold trap size Ø215×160 mm Ø215×160 mm Ø215×160 mm Ø215×160 mm
The variety of Schering bottles Ø22: 260 Ø22: 165 Ø22: 260 Ø22: one hundred sixty five
Ø16: 480 Ø16: 285 Ø16: 480 Ø16: 285
Ø12: 920 Ø12: 560 Ø12: 920 Ø12: 560

Common Type: suitable for bulk materials, liquid and solid dry.
Top-Press  : suitable for Schering bottled substance drying, can obtain sample vacuum pressure package deal. Contains the function of common type.
Ordinary Multi-manifold Type: suited for a variety of distinct supplies, modest freeze-dried, and can be connected to freeze-dried bottles, eggplant bottles, jars.
Gland Multi-manifold Type: Includes the perform of regular multi-manifold sort, can accomplish the sample vacuum strain bundle, to meet up with the extensive greater part of the laboratory technological needs.

one. Accord with intercontinental CZPTs of Green environmental friendly
two.  seven” True-coloration Contact Display screen, Chinese English Bilingual Interface, show drying curve and background curve
three. U disk Can storage lyophilized data
four. Add software program can print curve
five. Embedded circuit layout, 128 M FLASH, can help save dozen occasions Lyophilized knowledge
6. Massive opening trap, no coil inside of, with samples pre-freeze function
seven. CZPTed refrigeration compressor, reduced sounds
8. Chilly lure and handle panel ended up manufactured by stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to thoroughly clean
nine. Transparent Bell type drying room, secure and ocular
10. CZPT metal sample holder, frequent sample plate spacing adjustable
11. Small measurement and straightforward to function
12. Nitrogen inflation valve within

Vacuum Pump for KQ sequence freeze dryer:

Design 2XZ-.5 2XZ-one 2XZ-two 2XZ-four 2XZ-six 2XZ-eight 2XZ-fifteen
Pumping Pace: L/S .five one 2 4 six eight fifteen
Without gasoline ballast ≤6×10-two
With fuel ballast ≤6.5 ≤1.33
Speed: r/min(50HZ) 1400
Power Needed: Kw .18 .25 .37 .fifty five .75 1.five
Diameter of inlet port: mm sixteen sixteen twenty five twenty five 40 40 forty
Temp. increase of pump oil: °C ≯40 ≯45 ≯45 ≯65 ≯70
Oil potential: L .sixty .70 .ten one.2 2. 3. four.
Total Proportions: mm 447
Weight: kg sixteen 17 twenty 22 forty 60 seventy five

1 Regular exported package deal: Interior anti-collision safety, external export wooden box packaging.
2 CZPT by Fedex, by air, by sea according to customers’ needs to locate the most ideal way,
3 Accountable for the injury in the course of the transport process will alter the damage part for you for free of charge. One year promise, all daily life preserve guarantee
four CZPT with the suitable voltage input and supply plug in accordance to your place requirements.


Lab Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine Lyophilizer