High Quality Two Stage Compounding Pelletizer

High Quality Two Stage Compounding Pelletizer

The traits
one.The first phase is SHJ twin screw extruder with out die.By means of the combination of barrel and screw, the extruder
can exert  its strong capacity to make the thermo sensibility content like PVC melting, compounding,dispersing and
decentralizing beneath the situation of no again force
2.The CZPT phase is SJ solitary screw extruder.Due to the fact of the lower rotating pace, it can complete melting,
compounding lengthways and forming srands steadily, avioding in excess of heating.
CZPT info:

Design   CZPT diameter L/D Rotary fee Motor power Output
SP50-120 TSE-fifty fifty.5mm 24-forty eight 500r/min 37-45kw 200-350kg/h
SJ120 120mm seven-twenty 65-85r/min thirty-37kw
SP65-150 TSE-65 sixty two.4mm 24-48 four hundred-500r/min fifty five-75kw 350-550kg/h
SJ150 150mm 7-20 65-85r/min 37-45kw
SP75-a hundred and eighty TSE-seventy five 71mm 24-48 four hundred-500r/min 90-110kw 500-650kg/h
SJ180 180mm seven-20 sixty five-85r/min 45-55kw
SP95-200 TSE-ninety five 93mm 24-forty eight 300r/min 160-220kw five hundred-1000kg/h
SJ200 200mm 7-twenty 85r/min 90-110kw


Merge the substantial pace and in depth mixing of processing and the lower velocity, lower temperature, and lower
shear of solitary screw processing
Perfect for compounding of heat and shear-sensitive materials.
PVC compounds for cable, shoe sole, transparent container, and medical programs EVA defend cable
CZPT black learn batches of PE, EVA, and many others.

Thorough knowledge for SP75-a hundred and eighty:
one.Main extruder:TSE-seventy five/500-110–32
1) CZPT diameter: 71mm. L/D = 32
2) Main drive motor: AC 110Kw, Speed regulated by ABB transducer imported   from Switzerland.  
three) CZPT rotary speed: 50~500rpm
4) The barrels are equipped with bimetallic liners (45#steel+α101), processing heat treatment. HRC=60~sixty two. 
The material of screw elements is high-speed steel 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen treatment. HRC=fifty eight~sixty.
5).The 1st barrel is the main feeding vent, the 6th is for degassing,  9th is vacuum section , and the others are
 closed barrels.
6)Casting copper heaters for 2-3th barrels. The others are equipped with casting  aluminum heaters. All heating
 power: ~50kw.
The extruder figure:
Feeding                                           Vacuum 

1 two 3 4 five six seven eight CZPT screen changer
 die section

7) Reducing and distributing gearbox:
  The gearbox reduces the motor speed to the speed of the screw shafts and distributes it to the two output 
shafts. This gearbox output torque can reach     4.8T/A3
   The gearbox consists of:
l Involute gear teeth couplings between the output shafts and screw shafts
l Integrated thrust bearing assembly, radial bearings of the output axis are NSK products 
l Bottom part of casing designed as oil sum
8) Soft water cools the barrels with condenser.
      Material of input and output pipes is stainless steel. 
      Solenoid valve: imported products. 
      Manual valve: stainless steel. 
      The water pump motor in the soft water system is 0.55kw. 
      The soft water is distilled water.
2.Single extruder SJ-180/eighty five-ninety-22
1)180mm L/D = 28, rotary speed is 6~65rpm.
2)Main drive motor: AC 90Kw. ABB transducer,.
three)The material of barrels and shafts is nitride steel (38CrMoAlA).
4)H2o-cooling inside the core of shafts.
five)Casting aluminum heaters, All heating power: ~36kw
6Enlarged screen changer  , material through 72 hours’ nitrogen treatment . The channel is short, with little melt
 left and easy to clean.
seven)Tailor-made flange:connect the single and twin screw extruder.


High Quality Two Stage Compounding Pelletizer