China Hot selling GWSP1000 100% clean low-energy low noise spectroscopy oil less scroll vacuum pump vacuum pump belt

Product Description


Product Description

GWSP Oil free Scroll Vacuum Pump

Working principle:
GWSP oil free scroll vacuum pump is constructed with pump head assembly, crank pin assembly, bracket assembly, air flush assembly,and exhaust valve assembly.Two spiral cylinders, 1 offset and orbiting against the other fixed with an offset of 180° to form several crescent-shaped pockets of different sizes. By means of an eccentric drive, the orbiting scroll is made to orbit about the fixed scroll, reducing the volume of the pockets and compressing gas from outside towards the inside thereby pumping the gas from vacuum chamber.

Basic informations:
1) Model: GWSP1000 Oil free scroll vacuum pump
2) Ultimate vacuum pressure: 1 Pa/0.01 mbar (abs.)
3) Max suction capacity: 50Hz-16.6L/s 60Hz-20.0L/s

Safety Precautions:
The GWSP series oil free scroll vacuum pumps are suitable for clean processes only.
Do not pump toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles.GEOWELL will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have used special gases or other hazardous substances.
Be sure the inlet gas temperature must be lower than 122 °F.

Technical Specifications


  Model GWSP40 GWSP75 GWSP150 GWSP300 GWSP600 GWSP1000
  Pumping Speed 50Hz l/s 0.5 1.0  2.0  4.3 8.7 16.6
m3/h 1.8 3.6 7.2 15.5 31.3 59.8
cfm 1.1 2.1 4.3 9.3 18.7 35.8
60Hz l/s 0.6 1.2 2.4 5.1 10.4 20.0 
m3/h 2.2 4.3 8.6 18.3 37.4 71.6
cfm 1.3 2.5 5.1 10.9 22.3 42.8
  Ultimate Pressure Torr   ≤1.1*10-1   ≤6.0*10-2   ≤4.5*10-2   ≤1.9*10-2   ≤7.5*10-3   ≤7.5*10-3
psi   ≤2.2*10-3   ≤1.2*10-3   ≤9.0*10-4   ≤3.8*10-4   ≤1.5*10-4   ≤1.5*10-4
Pa   ≤15   ≤8   ≤6   ≤2.6   ≤1   ≤1
mbar   ≤1.5*10-1   ≤8.0*10-2   ≤6.0*10-2   ≤2.6*10-2   ≤1.0*10-2   ≤1.0*10-2
  Noise Level dB(A)   ≤54   ≤57   ≤57   ≤60   ≤61   ≤65
  Leakage mbar·l/s 1*10-7
  Max. Inlet/Exhaust Pressure MPa 0.1 / 0.13
  Ambient Operation Temp. ºF 41~104
  Motor 1 phase Power kW 0.25 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75
Voltage V   110~115 (60Hz),200~230 (50Hz)
Speed rpm 1425(50Hz),1725(60Hz)
Plug   North America, Europe, UK/Ireland, India
  Motor 3 phase Power kW 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 1.5
Voltage V 200~230 or 380~415 (50Hz),200~230 or 460 (60Hz)
Speed rpm      1425 (50Hz),1725 (60Hz)
  Inlet/Exhaust Flange   KF25/KF16 KF40/KF16 KF40/KF16*2
  Dimensions 1 phase mm 326*212*253 450*260*296 455*260*296 493*297*334 538*315*348
3 phase mm 450*260*296 455*260*296 493*297*334 538*315*348 576*450*402
  Net Weight 1 phase kg 15 21 22 29 36
3 phase kg 20 21 28 31 54
  Cooling Type   Air cooled
  Others   With air flush

Features & Benefits


No oil clean vacuum.
No oil back-diffusion, no oil mist exhaust, provide clean vacuum environment
Wide product lineup.
Pumping speed covers 3~60 m3 /h, limited vacuum level 1~8 Pa
Suitable for all type of power supply around the world.
110/220/380/460V, 50/60Hz for choose
Low vibration, low noise.
57~65 dB(A), smooth operation
High efficiency, ease of maintenance.
No water cooled, no oil lubricated, no daily maintenance




Quality Control

CMM inspection system assures
fixed tolarance on dimension&shape

Pump Testing


Semiconductor industry.stry

Vacuum sputtering machine.

IC plasma cleaning machine.

IC plasma polishing machine.

IC packaging machine.

IC transmission chamber.

Photoelectric industry.
LED vacuum annealing furnace.
Load lock/transfer chambers.
Glove box.
LED packaging machine.
Liquid crystal injection and packaging.

Material industry.
Vacuum annealing furnace.
Vacuum diffusion oven.
3D metal printing.
Single crystal growth furnace.
Microwave cleaning and microwave drying machine.
E-beam/Laser melting.
Vacuum degassing.
Vacuum gas substitution.

Vacuum equipment.

Oil free ultrahigh vacuum unit.
Oil free vacuum unit.


Related Products

GWT40 Foreline Filter
Performance: Filter out the dust particles contained in the intake gas.
Application: Vacuum coating, food and drug processing, ceramic and glass manufacturing, vacuum CHINAMFG and vacuum packaging systems.

GWS16 Exhaust Silencer
Performance: Reduce exhaust noise from oil-free vacuum systems.
Application: Installation of oil free scroll vacuum pumps requires a quiet vacuum system.

GWMMK1000 Major Maintenance Kit
Performance: Prolong the service life of the product.
Application: For the major maintenance of oil free scroll vacuum pump GWSP1000.

GWTSK1000 Tip Seal Kit
Performance: Prolong the service life of the product.
Application: For the scheduled maintenance of oil free scroll vacuum pump GWSP1000.


Company Profile

GEOWELL VACUUM CO.,LTD. is a HI-TECH enterprise in China dedicating in manufacturing, research and development, marketing of oil free scroll vacuum pumps and vacuum compressors since 2002. GEOWELL has been providing users and partners with premium quality products that are efficient and dependable, GEOWELL believe the integration of high performance and high reliability product and service will bring the highest value to both our customers and ourselves.


Q: How long can I get the feedback after we sent the inquiry?
A: We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.
Q: Are you direct manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are direct manufacturer with factory and international department; we manufacture and sell all our products by ourselves.
Q: When can you delivery the product to us?
A: Since we are a factory with large warehouse, we have abundant products in store, so we can delivery within 7 days after get your deposit.
Q: Can I add logo to the products?
A: Of course, but we usually have quantity requirement. You can contact with us for details.
Q: How to guarantee the quality and after sales service of your products?
A: We conduct strict detection during production from raw material come in to product delivering shipment. Every product must go through 4 steps inspection from casting, machining, assembling, and performance testing within our factory before shipment, also intact packaging test are insured.
Q: What is your warranty term?
A: There is a 12 months warranty for our export products from the date of shipment. If warranty has run out, our customer should pay for the replacement part.
Q: Is the sample available?
A: Yes, usually we send our samples by Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF, Depon, it will take around 3 to 4 days for our customer receive them, but customer will charge all cost related to the samples, such as sample cost and air freight. We will refund our customer the sample cost after receiving the order.

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After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Oil or Not: Oil Free


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

scroll vane pump

What safety features are typically integrated into scroll vacuum pump systems?

Scroll vacuum pump systems often incorporate several safety features to ensure safe and reliable operation. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Overtemperature Protection:

Scroll vacuum pump systems typically include overtemperature protection mechanisms to prevent the pump from overheating. These safeguards can include temperature sensors that monitor the pump’s operating temperature. If the temperature exceeds a predefined threshold, the system can activate alarms, shut down the pump, or initiate cooling measures to prevent damage to the pump or surrounding components.

2. Overpressure Protection:

To protect against excessive pressure, scroll vacuum pump systems may incorporate overpressure protection features. These features can include pressure relief valves or burst discs designed to vent or release excess pressure in the system. Overpressure protection mechanisms help prevent damage to the pump, system components, or potential hazards caused by pressure buildup.

3. Motor Overload Protection:

Scroll vacuum pump systems often include motor overload protection to safeguard the pump’s motor from excessive current or power draw. Motor overload protection can be implemented through various means, such as thermal sensors or current monitoring devices. If the motor draws more current than normal or operates at a high temperature, the system can activate protective measures, such as shutting down the motor or triggering alarms.

4. Electrical Safety Measures:

Scroll vacuum pump systems adhere to electrical safety standards and incorporate safety measures to protect against electrical hazards. These can include features like ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), circuit breakers, or surge protection devices to mitigate the risk of electric shocks, short circuits, or electrical fires.

5. Emergency Stop Buttons:

Many scroll vacuum pump systems feature emergency stop buttons or switches that allow users to immediately halt pump operation in case of emergencies or safety concerns. Activating the emergency stop button can quickly shut down the pump and associated equipment, preventing further risks or damages.

6. System Monitoring and Alarms:

Scroll vacuum pump systems may include monitoring capabilities and alarms to provide real-time information about the pump’s performance and status. This can include monitoring parameters like vacuum level, temperature, pressure, and motor status. Alarms can be triggered if any of these parameters exceed safe operating limits, alerting users to potential issues or malfunctions.

7. Enclosure and Noise Reduction:

Scroll vacuum pump systems often feature enclosures or noise reduction measures to minimize noise levels during operation. These enclosures help create a quieter working environment and reduce noise pollution, contributing to workplace safety and comfort.

It is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for specific scroll vacuum pump systems to understand the safety features they incorporate. Manufacturers can provide detailed information on the safety mechanisms, recommended operating procedures, and any additional safety considerations specific to their systems.

By utilizing scroll vacuum pump systems with integrated safety features, users can ensure the protection of personnel, equipment, and the surrounding environment while achieving efficient and reliable vacuum performance.

scroll vane pump

How do scroll vacuum pumps compare to other types of vacuum pumps in terms of performance?

Scroll vacuum pumps offer unique advantages and perform differently compared to other types of vacuum pumps. Here’s a detailed comparison of scroll vacuum pumps with other common vacuum pump types:

1. Scroll Vacuum Pumps vs. Rotary Vane Pumps:

a. Oil Contamination: Scroll vacuum pumps operate without oil lubrication, eliminating the risk of oil contamination in the pumped gases or the surrounding environment. In contrast, rotary vane pumps require oil lubrication, which can introduce oil vapor or particles into the vacuum system.

b. Vibration and Noise: Scroll vacuum pumps operate with low vibration levels and produce less noise compared to rotary vane pumps. Rotary vane pumps can generate higher levels of vibration and noise due to the reciprocating motion of the vanes.

c. Ultimate Vacuum: Rotary vane pumps can achieve lower ultimate vacuum levels compared to scroll vacuum pumps. They are capable of reaching vacuum levels in the range of 10-3 to 10-4 millibar (mbar), while scroll vacuum pumps typically achieve vacuum levels in the range of 10-2 to 10-3 mbar.

2. Scroll Vacuum Pumps vs. Turbomolecular Pumps:

a. Pumping Speed: Turbomolecular pumps offer higher pumping speeds compared to scroll vacuum pumps. Turbomolecular pumps can achieve faster evacuation rates, making them suitable for applications that require rapid pumpdown or high gas flow rates.

b. Ultimate Vacuum: Turbomolecular pumps can achieve much lower ultimate vacuum levels compared to scroll vacuum pumps. They are capable of reaching vacuum levels in the range of 10-7 to 10-10 mbar, making them suitable for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.

c. Complexity and Cost: Turbomolecular pumps are more complex and expensive compared to scroll vacuum pumps. They often require additional supporting equipment, such as backing pumps or foreline traps, which can increase the overall system complexity and cost.

3. Scroll Vacuum Pumps vs. Diaphragm Pumps:

a. Contamination Resistance: Scroll vacuum pumps offer better contamination resistance compared to diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps can be prone to contamination when handling corrosive or particulate-laden gases.

b. Ultimate Vacuum: Scroll vacuum pumps can achieve lower ultimate vacuum levels compared to diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps typically reach vacuum levels in the range of 10-2 to 10-3 mbar, similar to scroll pumps, but may have limitations in achieving deeper vacuum levels.

c. Durability: Scroll vacuum pumps are generally more durable and require less maintenance compared to diaphragm pumps. Diaphragm pumps utilize flexible membranes that can wear out over time and may require periodic replacement.

In summary, scroll vacuum pumps offer advantages such as oil-free operation, low vibration and noise levels, and contamination resistance. However, their ultimate vacuum levels may not match those of turbomolecular pumps or rotary vane pumps. The choice of vacuum pump depends on specific application requirements, including the desired vacuum level, pumping speed, contamination sensitivity, and budget constraints.

scroll vane pump

What are the primary advantages of using scroll vacuum pumps?

Scroll vacuum pumps offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of the primary advantages of using scroll vacuum pumps:

1. Oil-Free Operation:

One of the significant advantages of scroll vacuum pumps is their oil-free operation. Unlike some other types of vacuum pumps, scroll pumps do not require oil for lubrication or sealing purposes. The interlocking scrolls create a sealing mechanism without the need for any lubricating medium. This eliminates the risk of oil contamination in sensitive applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing or laboratory environments, where oil-free conditions are crucial. It also reduces maintenance requirements, as there is no need for oil changes or monitoring oil levels.

2. High Efficiency:

Scroll vacuum pumps are known for their high efficiency. The continuous spiral motion of the scrolls ensures smooth operation and minimizes energy losses. The absence of frictional parts, such as piston rings or vanes, reduces internal losses and improves overall efficiency. Scroll pumps can achieve high pumping speeds and are capable of reaching deep vacuum levels. Their efficiency makes them suitable for applications where fast evacuation or high vacuum levels are required, such as in analytical instruments or in the production of electronic components.

3. Low Noise and Vibration:

Scroll vacuum pumps operate quietly and generate minimal vibrations. The spiral motion of the scrolls results in a smooth and continuous operation, reducing noise levels compared to other types of pumps. The absence of reciprocating parts, such as pistons or vanes, further contributes to the low noise and vibration levels. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in applications where noise reduction and minimal vibration are essential, such as in medical environments, laboratories, or research facilities.

4. Compact Size:

Scroll vacuum pumps are compact in size, making them suitable for applications where space is limited. Their small footprint allows for easy integration into existing systems or equipment. The compact size is especially beneficial in portable or handheld devices, where size and weight considerations are crucial. The compact design of scroll pumps also simplifies installation and maintenance, as they require less space and can be easily maneuvered or relocated as needed.

5. Minimal Maintenance:

Scroll vacuum pumps require minimal maintenance compared to some other vacuum pump types. The absence of oil eliminates the need for oil changes or monitoring oil levels. Scroll pumps typically have a simple design with fewer moving parts, reducing the risk of mechanical failure and the need for frequent repairs. This results in lower maintenance costs and less downtime, contributing to increased productivity and efficiency in various applications.

6. Clean and Contamination-Free:

Scroll vacuum pumps offer clean and contamination-free operation. The absence of oil means there is no risk of oil contamination in the evacuated environment, making them suitable for applications where maintaining a clean and pure atmosphere is critical. This is particularly important in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or food processing, where even the slightest contamination can have significant consequences. The clean operation of scroll pumps ensures the integrity and quality of the final products.

7. Reliable Performance:

Scroll vacuum pumps are known for their reliable performance. The simplicity of their design, with fewer moving parts, reduces the risk of mechanical failure and improves overall reliability. Scroll pumps can operate continuously for extended periods without significant performance degradation. Their reliable performance makes them suitable for critical applications where consistent and dependable vacuum generation is essential.

In summary, the primary advantages of using scroll vacuum pumps include oil-free operation, high efficiency, low noise and vibration levels, compact size, minimal maintenance requirements, clean and contamination-free operation, and reliable performance. These advantages make scroll vacuum pumps a preferred choice in various industries and applications, ranging from semiconductor manufacturing and laboratories to medical equipment and research facilities.

China Hot selling GWSP1000 100% clean low-energy low noise spectroscopy oil less scroll vacuum pump   vacuum pump belt	China Hot selling GWSP1000 100% clean low-energy low noise spectroscopy oil less scroll vacuum pump   vacuum pump belt
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