Scroll Vacuum Pump

How do scroll vacuum pumps work?

Scroll vacuum pumps are designed according to the latest single-sided scroll technology. They combine dry compression with a completely sealed construction.

Scroll vacuum pumps consist of a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll. The moving vortex moves within the fixed vortex.

As the orbital vortex moves, voids appear at the inlet of the vacuum pump.

Thus, the pumped medium is continuously conveyed from the outside through the space between the two scrolls. Finally, it exits the exhaust port at the center of the two scrolls.

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In the field of vacuum systems, scroll pumps have an important but still present It is also frequently used as a foreline (or foreline) pump in high and ultra-high (ie 10-3 to 10-12 mbar) vacuum systems.

How a scroll pump works

The main working part of a scroll pump consists of two co-wound helical scrolls contained within a vacuum housing with an outlet valve in the center of the scroll assembly. One helix is fixed, while the other (the “orbiter”) moves eccentrically without rotating, relative to the other.

Performance characteristics

The performance characteristics of a scroll pump depend on many factors including unit size, operating speed, ambient temperature and the characteristics of the gas/vapor being pumped.

Scroll Pump Applications

Scroll pumps are used in a wide range of applications, but most often for pumping and compressing gases and vapors, clean, dry vacuum pumping is a must. They are also used in non-corrosive/non-hazardous applications, surface analysis and sample preparation.

Advantages of Scroll Vacuum Pumps 

  • High-speed pump
  • Good steam handling capacity
  • Good pressure limit
  • Low noise and vibration (< 55 dB (A))
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple, compact design and low weight

Production with high precision and quality control

Provide high quality scroll vacuum pump support and service

The quality of the product and related services are important criteria for your purchasing decision. Our scroll vacuum pumps feature standard sized internals that can be replaced with common parts from other brands so parts are always available. And we always keep a lot of stock or parts in our warehouse, so we can also provide professional after-sales service to get your production line back up and running.

What is a scroll dry vacuum pump?

Two identically shaped reels are in contact with the wall line, their centers are slightly off. One vortex performs an oscillating helical motion relative to the other. Gas trapped in the crescent space is compressed towards the center and expelled through a hole in the center.

Features of Scroll Dry Vacuum Pumps

The ultimate pressure of some scroll dry pumps can reach 1Pa. Scroll dry vacuum pump has a wide range of applications, including vacuum drying equipment, physical and chemical analysis equipment, vacuum suction conveying equipment, vacuum heat treatment furnaces, etc.

Strength: This pump is smaller and less expensive than Roots vacuum pumps.
Cons: The seal on the top of the reel is worn.

Mechanism of Scroll Dry Vacuum Pump

Two identically shaped reels are in contact with the wall line, their centers are slightly off. One vortex performs an oscillating helical motion relative to the other. Gas trapped in the crescent space is compressed towards the center and expelled through a hole in the center.

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Features of Scroll Vacuum Pump

Scroll vacuum pumps are low maintenance, corrosion resistant pumps that require no oil. While they can have higher upfront costs, the lifecycle operating costs are much lower. It is recommended to replace the reel every 40,000 hours of use. Oil removal eliminates hydrocarbon contamination. Scroll pumps handle water vapor better than most types of pumps and generate significantly less noise during operation.

The mechanism of a scroll vacuum pump uses two interleaved helical scrolls or spirals to pump gas. The design is simple but effective. One of the reels is fixed while the other orbits do not oscillate, thus Air pockets between the compression scrolls. This scroll vacuum pump uses the same principle. With only one moving part and this pump is manufactured with high quality materials, it is a low maintenance machine for extended life.

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